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1. Introduction

In the rapidly evolving digital age, users grapple with challenges stemming from the abundance of applications serving various purposes, leading to constraints on device storage. Moreover, prevalent social applications often dominate not necessarily due to their superiority, but rather by sheer majority usage, impeding the natural evolution of digitalization. To tackle these issues head-on, the KRYZA Ecosystem emerges as a groundbreaking solution—an application family designed with user needs at its core, capable of adapting to market dynamics and ushering in the next wave of digital transformation, web3.

Web3, heralded as the third generation of the Internet, stands poised to redefine user interactions and behaviors. KRYZA not only aspires to establish a web3 network but also strives to accelerate the adoption and evolution of this segment through cutting-edge implementations. Seizing upon prevailing trends, KRYZA integrates its proprietary AI system to introduce automation, mitigate human errors, and align seamlessly with the increasing familiarity users have with AI.

Gergo Varhegyi
Viktor Igneczi


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