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2.4 KRYZA Network Token (KRN) – Functions and Tokenomics

As the native token of KRYZA Network, KRN operates on the BEP-20 standard and boasts a track record of several years in circulation. KRN serves as a pure utility token within the KRYZA ecosystem, playing a pivotal role in various applications. Notably, KRN is utilized for all advertising payments on KRYZA Network and other affiliated applications, establishing itself as a foundational element in the ecosystem’s economic structure. Furthermore, users can leverage KRN to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and generate music, tapping into the platform’s advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.


– Name: KRYZA Network

– Symbol: KRN

– Website: www.kryza.network

– Contract: 0x8013d731f429b3AD418f5467F9F68285eFd67ca7

– Initial total supply: 400,000,000

– Current total supply: 400,000,000

– Tradeable at: Tokpie, KRYZA Exchange, KRYZASWAP, Pancake Swap

KRN addresses:

– KRYZA Network – Burn: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

– KRYZA Network: Team: 0xbbe0ba954f8d70ad75dbe8b840377858e8a18b0a

– KRYZA Network: Company Reserve: 0x4dab25128dfd2330f6a91edbac55b6df355f7b8c

– KRYZA Network: Advisor Wallet: 0x71d9e98bb4bd4a0aca014d070be62c857bd87c7e

– KRYZA Network: Rewards Wallet: 0x71d9e98bb4bd4a0aca014d070be62c857bd87c7e

– KRYZA Network: Liquidity Reserve: 0x5d8d8572adbf1b466d35da6bfc10c69cacd59e61

– KRYZA Network: PancakeSwap: 0xf1b4e8e2c80af157354b8ddd0a86d49c53af4e7b

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