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1.1 Background Information on the KRYZA Ecosystem

Gergő and Viktor, the founders are longtime friends from even before KRYZA.

With several years of experience in the building of different companies, they are not newbies when it comes to business management. However, the love of web3 and cryptocurrencies have changed the way they look at business development ever since.

Back in the 2010’s, they already had the idea of KRYZA but it was not a web3 ecosystem yet then. They wanted to make it a reality but they felt that something is missing from it that drives it to be the ultimate idea. And then in 2017 they were introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and that changed everything for them, and for KRYZA.

Both of them learnt a lot and used their previous experiences also to lift KRYZA to heights they have never seen, yet. Let’s take a look at the Co-founders in more detail:

Gergő Várhegyi previously was a businessman specialized in the stock market. On his journey, he gathered up his analytical and trading skills which proved to be useful later. Now he has decades of experience behind his back and has lived up to many cycles on the market while being an active member of it.

The founder of the marketing enterprise named Közösségi Reklámozás (KR), established his company in 2013 with the primary objective of aiding businesses in achieving effective digital presence and advertising. This transformative journey led to the birth of KRYZA, a fusion of KR, Y, Z, and A – alpha generations. Over the years, Gergő and his team have amassed expertise and experience that set them apart in various realms of digital marketing. The world of WEB3 captivated Gergő over time, and there was no doubt in his mind that he would embark on one of Hungary and Europe’s finest projects.

In the past decade, Gergő has undertaken the development and management of numerous websites and advertising campaigns. His proficiency extends to areas such as building webshops, SEO optimization, creating animated videos, video and audio editing, as well as photography and videography. These diverse skills have been honed to a professional level. Continuous learning and knowledge expansion have equipped him to deliver outstanding services in almost any business sector.

Gergő’s personal approach is dedicated and passionate about the success of his clients. He consistently seeks the best SEO, branding, and design solutions to ensure that his clients achieve optimal results in the digital realm.

Viktor Ignéczi is in the cryptospace since 2015. He started his journey by mining crypto, built up several networks and became a node quite early. Besides his computer science experience ha also set foot in the sector of marketing since his other businesses are placed in those sectors.

Viktor Ignéczi has been working as an entrepreneur and business leader for over 15 years. His entrepreneurial journey began in the realm of fitness and personal training, where he initially made his mark. Over the years, however, Viktor became known for creating distinctive and effective marketing campaigns that set him apart from competitors.

His clientele extends beyond just fellow entrepreneurs and business leaders; they have become genuine friends, with whom he spends time both during workouts and work. During this period, he often assisted them in developing successful marketing strategies, customer acquisition, SEO optimization, and various other marketing domains.

As a result, the scope of his business gradually expanded into the realm of marketing consulting. Leveraging the experience and knowledge accumulated over the years, Viktor became a reliable and efficient marketing consultant.

In recent years, Viktor has shifted his focus towards the online domain, incorporating his international experiences in stock and crypto markets into his services. He has acquired techniques and procedures through hands-on experience that are not taught elsewhere, offering unique solutions that cater to a broad audience. The techniques he employs not only emphasize sophistication and performance but also take into account market trends. His commitment to results and efficiency aids in providing clients with the most optimal strategies, helping them enhance their online presence and achieve desired success.

Later, just like we know it now, they teamed up together and found KRYZA. Using the different experience they share, it is quite a well ranged team of founders who are ready to shake the world of cryptocurrencies.

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