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5.2 KRYZASWAP Token (KRS) – Functions and Tokenomics

KRYZASWAP’s native token, KRS, serves as the third token within the KRYZA Ecosystem. With ongoing developments, KRS aims to evolve into a unique asset among the ecosystem’s three tokens. As a DEX token, KRS offers exclusive staking options and participation in various airdrops.

The utility of KRS extends to initiating presale events for other cryptocurrency projects on the KRYZASWAP platform, contributing to its broader use cases. Staking KRS allows users to earn newly listed tokens for a specified duration, providing an additional incentive for users to engage with the platform actively.



– Symbol:KRS

– Website: www.kryzaswap.com

– Contract: 0x52647ff91bd3d1476ea9abde2ced73bf713d8b71

– Initial total supply: 1,000,000

– Current total supply: 7,702,748

– Minted: 1 KRS / BLOCK

– Total Burned: 1,992,884

– Tradeable at: KRYZASWAP, KRYZA Exchange, PancakeSwap

Token Addresses:

– KRYZASWAP Burned: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

– KRYZASWAP PancakeSwap: 0x2c1a675d2bb37eddb0dd0bea2c4e078aa43a6286

– KRYZASWAP Deployer: 0xa3862e5f37a9eeb9e23a9cf85acc77c24326890b

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