Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Summary of the KRYZA Ecosystem Past ‚Äď Present ‚Äď Future
This year marks the third anniversary of the KRYZA Ecosystem, and over these three years, we have traveled an incredible journey together. From the inception of the KRN (KRYZA Network token) to the realization as our own blockchain, our lives have been enriched with numerous significant milestones.

KRYZA Network and KRYZA Talk
The creation of KRYZA Network and KRYZA Talk was not only about placing ourselves on the map of cryptocurrencies but also contributing to the rise of decentralized WEB3 technology. Originally planning to conclude the five-year period with our own blockchain, I am pleased to announce that this process can start in the third year. You can view it here:

KRYZA Exchange: Stability and Development
The KRYZA Exchange will be a crucial pillar of our ecosystem, and ongoing developments are taking place to support the KRD chain. The development of the KRX token and our own exchange began in 2021, and now the upgrade to the KRXZA Diamond Chain’s own blockchain is underway, expected to be completed before the listing on the KRD MEXC exchange.

KRYZA SWAP: The New Dimension of Cryptocurrency Exchange and the Official Swap of the KRD Chain
KRYZA SWAP, or KRS, is a DEX (decentralized cryptocurrency exchange) aiming to provide interoperability between cryptocurrencies. With compatibility with the KRD blockchain, this goal becomes achievable, opening the path for exchanges between all blockchains. Its development is underway, and it is expected to launch a few weeks after the planned listing on KRD MEXC!

KRYZA Diamond Chain
This year, the long-awaited KRYZA Diamond Chain, our own blockchain, has finally been completed. Its key features include:

  • Chain Type: KRYZA Diamond Chain
  • Chain Name: KRYZA Diamond
  • Coin Name: KRD
  • Coin Symbol: diamond
  • Average Block Time: 3 seconds
  • Total Supply: 800,000,000 KRD
    We don’t stop here. According to our schedule, the KRYZA Diamond Chain’s KRD coin will be listed first on the MEXC exchange, achieving a new milestone in the ecosystem.

New Horizons, New Opportunities at the Time of Listing
MEXC, founded in 2018, currently ranks in the top 10 on CMC, serving 10 million users in over 170 countries and regions globally. Real volume verification!

MEXC opens up vast opportunities for us, potentially reaching a minimum of 100,000-250,000 hodlers, a significant increase from the previous 2500-5000 people. This means more people will get acquainted with the complete KRYZA Network ecosystem and the developments we offer. We are finally reaching the mass that both you and we envisioned from the beginning!

A New Beginning as the Crypto World Discovers the KRYZA Ecosystem!
A new era begins in the life of the KRYZA Ecosystem. The KRYZA Network gains new meaning, the KRYZA Exchange fulfills its awaited role, and the KRYZA SWAP opens a new gateway between major blockchains and the KRD blockchain.

“Migrating” KRYZA Ecosystem Tokens to KRYZA Diamond KRD Coin

As both the merge/migration and the “keep the tokens” (in multichain mode) sides represent a significant number, everyone has the freedom to choose.
IMPORTANT: While you are vigilant, many scams will emerge claiming to redeem or migrate tokens, etc. Never send your tokens to strangers, and alert others as you have been doing!
The migration/merge will strengthen the supporters of staying, as the reduced supply will increase the value of the remaining multichain tokens, as we BURN all exchanged KRYZA tokens! Each will play an important role, as planned in 2021!

And now, the essence:
We are delighted to announce that the migration of KRYZA Ecosystem tokens, namely KRYZA Network KRN, KRYZA Exchange KRX, and KRYZA Swap tokens to KRYZA Diamond KRD coin, is possible from today.

If you choose migration, you need to send the KRYZA tokens to the official KRYZA Diamond address:


This is a multichain (krc20, erc20, bep20) address capable of receiving KRD, KRX, KRN, KRS! KRD coins will be distributed to the sender address!

The KRYZA team will burn these tokens, reducing the number of circulating KRN, KRX, and KRS tokens.

The KRYZA Diamond coins for the submitted KRYZA tokens are scheduled to be distributed from May 2025, over 6 months, in monthly installments. The timing is aligned with the expected start of the bull market after past BTC halvings. This time-bound nature can be considered similar to STAKING, as redemptions during the presale can be up to 25%-10% more favorable than the starting price of KRD!

The conversion rate applied during redemption will be the valid rate for KRN, KRX, or KRS tokens, paired with the presale KRD rate for the respective period.

For example, if you have $1000 worth of KRN/KRX/KRS tokens, you will receive your KRD coins based on the rates during the presale period.

The presale dates and corresponding KRD rates are as follows:

  • SEED Sale (KRYZA Holders): 2024.02.18 – 2024.02.25
    Rate: $0.0075 / KRD Coin
  • ICO (Public Presale): 2024.02.26 – 2024.04.26
    Rate: $0.008 / KRD Coin
  • IEO (Exchange Presale) Q2 2024
    Rate: $0.009 / KRD Coin

MINING/VALIDATOR ‚Äď Earn from Gas Fees

The KRYZA DIAMOND CHAIN also provides mining/validator rights. Initially, 20 rights will be distributed among those who purchase $2500 worth of KRD coins and stake them in the designated stake account.

If you are interested in the KRD – KRYZA DIAMOND COIN presale, visit the following link:

We eagerly look forward to the future, full of possibilities and new challenges. The KRYZA Ecosystem thanks all its supporters for the steadfast support so far, and together we step onto the eagerly awaited big stage!

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