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IMPORTANT: KRYZA Diamond Coin to Extend Presale with ICO II Until September 30, 2024

In a strategic move to maximize benefits for our holders and ensure a successful market entry, we are thrilled to announce an extension of the KRYZA Diamond (KRD) coin presale through an additional ICO phase, ICO II, which will conclude on September 30, 2024. This extension will shift our planned programs and listings by three months, providing a more favorable launch window.

Why the Extension?

The current market conditions are less than ideal for altcoins. Several factors have influenced our decision to delay, including:

  1. Mt Gox FUD: The fear, uncertainty, and doubt stemming from the Mt Gox situation continue to dominate the market.
  2. German Government BTC Sales: Ongoing sales of Bitcoin by the German government are adding downward pressure on the market.
  3. Summer “Cucumber Season”: Historically, the summer months see reduced trading activity and market interest, making it a less opportune time for launching new assets.

Why Autumn is Ideal

Our past experiences and market analysis indicate that the market invariably picks up in the fall. This seasonal uptick is even more pronounced in the altcoin sector. By aligning our launch with this period, we are positioning the KRYZA Diamond coin for maximum impact and growth.

Our Goal: Multiplying Holder Value

Our primary objective is to enable our holders to significantly multiply their investments with the KRD coin. This extension is a strategic step to ensure both profitability for our holders and sustainable growth for our continued development efforts.

Marketing Campaign Relaunch

As we extend the presale, we will be reinitiating our marketing campaigns, aiming for explosive success. Our previous campaigns have laid a strong foundation, and we expect this renewed push to capture significant market interest and participation.

Remember: October is Uptober

Historically, October has been a month of upward trends in the crypto market. We are confident that this period will provide the perfect environment for KRYZA Diamond’s entry into the market, and we are excited about the opportunities it presents.

Stay tuned for more updates as we move forward with this exciting phase. Together, we will navigate these market conditions and emerge stronger, setting the stage for a prosperous future with KRYZA Diamond coin.

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