KRYZA Ecosystem Whitepaper

  1. The Idea

  2. The Team behind KRYZA

  3. KRYZA Network

  4. KRN

  5. KRYZA Talk

  6. KRYZA Exchange

  7. KRX


  9. KRS

  10. Cryptube

  11. KRYZA Sound

  12. KRYZA Education

  13. AI Implementations

  14. KRYZA Blockchain

  15. Roadmap

The Idea

In the days of digitalization, it presents two main problems for the users.

The first is, that there is maybe a too wide range of applications out there with various purposes and for multiple reasons. There is not enough space on your device that could handle all the applications you need and use.

The second problem is with social applications that not always the best wins but the one that the majority uses. That’s how we, humans, made a number of applications not even just winners but rulers in their sectors. The fact that they rather dictate and not adapt to the needs of people is setting back the development of digitalization.

We are highly motivated to solve these problems with one solution: KRYZA Ecosystem.

We are developing the KRYZA Ecosystem, an application-family that is dictated by the people’s needs and by the market. We believe that the solution for this problem is to create an application ecosystem that contains all the necessary functions that a social platform needs and also, it can adapt into the next digital revolution of the world: web3.

Web3 is a huge invention of the people of the internet. Making it the third generation of the usage of the Internet we know today, it will change the behavior of every user.

In addition, KRYZA is not only about building a web3 network. It is trying to ultimately help the adaption and boost the development of this segment of the world by using the latest trends and using up useful parts of it to build around: KRYZA is implementing its own AI system for their work for two cases.

Firstly, it is a useful tool to create automatization and to avoid humanly made mistakes, and secondly since it is a trend, this solution of things is becoming more and more accessible and for users, it is more easy to adapt to partly familiar methods. And people are getting more and more familiar with AI.

The Team behind KRYZA

When we are speaking of corporate background, we mean it! KRYZA is provided by KRYZA Holding Ltd, a trusted fintech company located in Hungary. is the homepage of our company and by clicking on this link, you will be able to do your own research of our applications.

Gergő and Viktor, the founders are longtime friends from even before KRYZA.

With several years of experience in the building of different companies, they are not newbies when it comes to business management. However, the love of web3 and cryptocurrencies have changed the way they look at business development ever since.

Back in the 2010’s, they already had the idea of KRYZA but it was not a web3 ecosystem yet then. They wanted to make it a reality but they felt that something is missing from it that drives it to be the ultimate idea. And then in 2017 they were introduced to the world of cryptocurrencies and that changed everything for them, and for KRYZA.

Both of them learnt a lot and used their previous experiences also to lift KRYZA to heights they have never seen, yet. Let’s take a look at the Co-founders in more detail:

Gergő Várhegyi previously was a businessman specialized in the stock market. On his journey, he gathered up his analytical and trading skills which proved to be useful later. Now he has decades of experience behind his back and has lived up to many cycles on the market while being an active member of it.

Viktor Ignéczi is in the cryptospace since 2015. He started his journey by mining crypto, built up several networks and became a node quite early. Besides his computer science experience ha also set foot in the sector of marketing since his other businesses are placed in those sectors.

Later, just like we know it now, they teamed up together and found KRYZA. Using the different experience they share, it is quite a well ranged team of founders who are ready to shake the world of cryptocurrencies.

KRYZA Network

The first and original application from the ecosystem. It went through numerous updates and redesigns, KRYZA Network now represents a true web3 social platform that can change the way we look at social applications.

On KRYZA Network, you are free to do anything that a traditional app lets you to, even more. First of all, it is centered around cryptocurrencies with the purpose of teaching and educating people of this technology. A lot of people fall for scams and we are here to educate them to avoid these mistakes in the future and also for them to make sure that crypto can be safe and secure.

On KRYZA Network, you can connect with your friends, join several groups that will educate and guide you in the world of cryptocurrencies!

Like KRYZA is a never fully finished project, it is constantly updating and adapting to the needs of people. While a humanized system sounds moral, another one might be a better fit for automatization and using its fresh discoveries, KRYZA Network may be something more extraordinary than ever before:

KRYZA Network is undergoing an implementation of different solutions of artificial intelligence, thus will help the platform to match the needs of its users more and to perform at a higher quality.

Precisely, the AI addition will take place at two categories inside of the platform. Firstly, KRYZA Network marketplace will have an algorithm update based on AI. This solution will try to match the taste of the users and will make it easier to find the desired items on the platform. On the other hand, KRYZA’s dating platform will also use a new, AI powered algorithm to select the best suggestions for their users and make dating easier than ever.

KRN – The token of KRYZA Network

KRYZA NETWORK – KRN is the native token of KRYZA Network. It is a BEP-20 standard cryptocurrency and it has been around for several years now.

KRN is a pure utility token and a number of KRYZA application’s functions are built around this cryptocurrency.

As KRYZA Network is a social media platform – just like any other platform used to socialize – it has an advertising section. All advertisements are being paid with KRN tokens thus making the first and most standalone use case of the token. Although, it is not just KRYZA Network that is operating with advertisements. Several KRYZA Ecosystem applications are operating with this service and all of them are paid with KRN.

 On the other hand, as for use cases of KRN, users can also create NFTs that are minted for KRN tokens. Using this generator, KRYZA Ecosystem implemented an artificial intelligence function. So AI is in our help to create our NFTs, either it is a single piece or an enormous collection.

This is not the only use case where KRN and AI meet. You can also generate music with AI for some KRN tokens. This groundbreaking utility is also in the hands of KRN and after these marketing channels are boosted by promotion, KRN is simply expected to grow because of these soon-to-be viral services.

If we are at Sound, here comes the next utility of KRN: Purchasing your favorite music with this token with the help of KRYZA Sound. As KRYZA is building their ecosystem, all the platforms are becoming more and more connected to each other. This is the current case with the utility of KRYZA Sound and KRN tokens.

When the KRYZA Ecosystem is fully built, the connection between these applications will be even greater. KRN is also operating with a burning function and with other, upcoming use cases.

Using KRN still can be much more thanks to this ecosystem and it will be soon.


Name                          KRYZA Network

Symbol                                   KRN


Contract                                 0x8013d731f429b3AD418f5467F9F68285eFd67ca7

Initial total supply      400 000 000

Current total supply   400 000 000

KRN is tradeable at    Tokpie, KRYZA Exchange, KRYZASWAP, Pancake Swap

KRN addresses:

  • KRYZA Network – Burn: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

  • KRYZA Network: Team0xbbe0ba954f8d70ad75dbe8b840377858e8a18b0a

  • KRYZA Network: Company Reserve0x4dab25128dfd2330f6a91edbac55b6df355f7b8c

  • KRYZA Network: Advisor Wallet0x71d9e98bb4bd4a0aca014d070be62c857bd87c7e 

  • KRYZA Network: Rewards Wallet0x71d9e98bb4bd4a0aca014d070be62c857bd87c7e

  • KRYZA Network: Liquidity Reserve: 0x5d8d8572adbf1b466d35da6bfc10c69cacd59e61

  • KRYZA Network: PancakeSwap: 0xf1b4e8e2c80af157354b8ddd0a86d49c53af4e7b


Originally, KRYZA Talk was a built-in function of KRYZA Network, but the founders have seen the potential in it to make KRYZA Talk a standalone application and for users to reach these services without even using KRYZA Network.

Of course, the purpose is not to use this messenger application without the download of any other KRYZA apps but since the mission is KRYZA for the user experience, they wanted to create the option for the people.

It is just like modern day messenger applications but there is one segment that is more important than others: for a messenger platform, the most sacred thing is user data. That is why KRYZA Talk is peer-to-peer encrypted and its data is never used for anything. Users’ data is private and KRYZA Talk respects that.

Obviously, it has all the necessary functions that make a messenger application fun to use. Users can chat privately or in a group chat and they can manage calls or they are also able to video-chat with their friends. All this while staying online and answering other texts!

KRYZA Talk is ready to download by clicking on this link.

KRYZA Exchange

KRYZA Exchange is the Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange of the KRYZA Ecosystem. This means no rivalry for top tier exchanges, this is why KRYZA Exchange is using the liquidity of Binance and Kucoin. To be more precise, it is stated that KRYZA Exchange is not for the same purpose as the above mentioned exchanges. KRYZA Exchange is also no rivalry with the tokens/coins listing for the top exchanges, instead it is aiming to help the rising cryptocurrency projects and to be their next step evolving to be a market changer.

Dealing with fresh crypto projects, KRYZA Exchange guarantees lower listing fees for the token pairs, making it more available for the uprising web3 companies. By being on a centralized exchange, it is a huge boost for projects to also get listed on the biggest cryptocurrency database, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

In the near future, it is planned to be connected to the original application, KRYZA Network. When it is done, it would be the first social platform with an integrated CEX and it would be a great addition to the use case for their users.

Registered users could inform from projects from the same platform they trade their assets with. This is the absolute way to create and maintain trust on the same platform.

KRX – The Token of KRYZA Exchange

KRYZA Exchange – KRX is the native token of KRYZA Exchange. It is operating like the traditional cryptocurrencies of centralized exchanges. It holds the utility of using the platform with greater benefits than you would use with other coins or tokens. KRX is an ERC-20 standard token built on the Ethereum blockchain. You may notice the difference between KRN and KRX. When it comes to the difference of the blockchains, the decision was made to do this because KRYZA wanted to support and to connect the users of both blockchains.

As KRX is the native token of KRYZA Exchange, being listed on it also costs KRX tokens, making this the main utility of the token. As we go forward in this process, transaction fees are also being paid in KRX so any user that is on our platform is making the use case of KRX greater with every transaction.

KRX is also ready to be formed with freshly listed tokens as a trading pair. With this move, users are able to trade on a more advanced level, not just with stable or main coins but with KRX too. This is also boosting up the utility of KRX, making it obviously the main token on the platform.

KRX is created for those who seek for a revolutionary project that consists of both a social platform and a cryptocurrency exchange with a number of exclusive utilities out there.


Name                          KRYZA Exchnage

Symbol                                   KRX


Contract                                 0x93ad9b819C88D98B4c9641470A96E24769Ae7922

Initial total supply      7 897 314 000

Current total supply:  7 897 314 000

KRX is tradeable at     KRYZA Exchange, Indoex, UniSwap

KRX addresses:

  • KRYZA EXCHANGE: Deployer: 0x496bad033E3F02EcD0456CFC7a5C6D2bF1C09991

  • KRYZA Exchange: Company Reserve: 0xb3ce45a7157Dfa434366625ec0A76448303e85F2

  • KRYZA Exchange: Team: 0xa2BfdEefc45F2d99Df9062fB185dA6e2d872106C

  • KRYZA Exchange: Liquidity Reserve: 0xBA2F4022cC704aA368F85D28a22dECF56539EcED


The next step in the KRYZA Ecosystem is their own decentralized exchange, KRYZASWAP. On this platform, the cryptocurrency trading is not order based but they are using so-called pools instead.

KRYZASWAP is a home for several discounts for their users. They can make the most out of it when they are using the DEX’s abilities with the native token of it, KRS.

KRYZASWAP is also a home of staking and farming and it is designed to mine at high yields without the need of obtaining a hardver! No need to buy mining GPU and other machinery, cryptocurrency mining can be simple with KRYZASWAP.

KRYZASWAP is suited up with complete packages for other companies to offer, such as creating cryptocurrencies and preparing those for ICOs for non web3 companies. Nowadays it is inevitable to see companies adapting to web3. World brands are generating NFT collections, making blockchain based purchases, so it is really the time to offer them a starting package when they decide to go all into web3. KRYZASWAP is here to offer that.


KRYZASWAP – KRS is the native token of KRYZASWAP. This is the third token of the KRYZA Ecosystem and when they are ready with their developments, it will form into a unique one out of all three.

Being the token of a DEX gives the utility for the token to handle exclusive staking options and to be available for various airdrops.

It is also possible to hold presale events of other cryptocurrency projects on the platform of KRYZASWAP, making the utility of KRS even larger than average.

Stating utilities, there are certain use cases that is a must to list here:

KRYZASWAP offers starting packages for companies. These companies, if they accept the starting package, will pay for it in KRS, generating a greater transaction wave than ever when a new business decides to go to KRYZASWAP.

Another useful utility is for staking KRS: users can stake KRS and in exchange, they won’t get KRS back with any APY or APR, instead they will get an APY of the freshly listed tokens. When a new token is listed on KRS, stakers will earn some of them for a short period of time and if they decide to stake KRS longer, then they will receive various, freshly listed tokens to their wallet in the exchange of staking KRS.


Name                          KRYZASWAP

Symbol                                   KRS


Contract                                 0x52647ff91bd3d1476ea9abde2ced73bf713d8b71

Initial total supply      1 000 000

Current total supply   7 702 748

Minted                                   1 KRS / BLOCK

Total Burned              1 992 884

KRS is tradeable at     KRYZASWAP, KRYZA Exchange, PancakeSwap

KRS addresses:

  • KRYZASWAP Burned: 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead

  • KRYZASWAP PancakeSwap: 0x2c1a675d2bb37eddb0dd0bea2c4e078aa43a6286

  • KRYZASWAP Deployer: 0xa3862e5f37a9eeb9e23a9cf85acc77c24326890b


One of the fresh entries of becoming a member of the KRYZA Ecosystem family is KRYZA CrypTube, Hungary’s first video streaming platform. It is also a crypto-friendly place, making it not just a unique but also an innovative platform in the area.

The famous ‘Watch 2 Earn’ ecosystem found a home inside the group of the KRYZA Ecosystem. They are developing and updating the platform constantly when there is a chance to become more in the favor of their audience.

CrypTube is also in a subgenre of social platforms, it is a video-sharing application. An addition of this application is a must when we are talking about social apps. The competition nowadays is high and in the lead, there are the video sharing applications. It is no wonder, since our world is dominated by fast pacing technology and more information for a single person than ever seen.

CrypTube allows users to post, generate content, like, comment and engage with their favorite content creator or to become one as well.

KRYZA Cryptube is available at


Creating KRYZA Sound was one of the most essential things to be eligible to become mainstream in today’s world of the internet. Allowing users to stream music free on a web3 friendly space is truly innovative and rare in the crowd of premium services.

KRYZA Sound is the home of several music contests, it is also supporting rising and new musical artists. There is also an opportunity to become an artist yourself if you feel the motivation.

KRYZA Sound, as part of the KRYZA Ecosystem is continuously updated and freshened up so it is really not an everyday application out there.

Home of the ‘Listen to Earn’ function, it offers a unique experience for its users. Like never seen before, now listening to music can also be a source of income for the users of KRYZA Sound. Users have to do nothing else, just to enjoy music in their freetime, while they are collecting cryptocurrencies.

You can join to KRYZA Sound here:

KRYZA Education

Last but not least, KRYZA Ecosystem also offers a platform for the ever learning students: KRYZA Education.

It is a source of all the needed information when it comes to learning about web3 and cryptocurrencies. It offers a wide range of educational content, not just about cryptocurrencies but about web design, Excel sheets, etc.

KRYZA Education also offers an opportunity to hold lecturers and to sell your curses on the marketplace of KRYZA Education. Growing up your account on this platform could really earn you a passive income while you help others to study about the next financial innovation.

KRYZA Education is available here:

AI Implementation

Today, artificial intelligence is still a fresh technology but it has gone through a mass adaption already. People are familiar with its capabilities and they are almost willingful to use it when it comes to solving minor problems or tasks.

KRYZA sees AI as a key to automatization and as an instant fact to boost user experience. This technology goes beyond trend as we see it now because it will open so many doors that we’ve seen as impossible to enter in.

That is the reason why KRYZA is making an addition of AI to their existing functions of their applications.

KRYZA Ecosystem is ready to make every application of theirs to be supported by artificial intelligence. This means for instance, the dating app on KRYZA Network, chatting functions on KRYZA Talk, trading functions on KRYZA Exchange and KRYZASWAP will all be supported by algorithms of artificial intelligence. This will make possible a larger adaption of the platforms and by these extraordinary attributes, it will be able to conquer the market easier.

Last but not least, there are some main additions of AI functions to the KRYZA Ecosystem.

Firstly, KRYZA will soon install their NFT creator which will use AI technology. By accessing AI, users will be able to generate NFTs with the help of this artificial intelligence and they will be able to mint them even as one piece or a big collection.

Secondly, KRYZA Sound will implement a music creator service, also supported by AI. Recipients will be able to generate music to their taste by the help of an AI service. This function is expected to draw the mainstream audience into KRYZA Sound to make it a widely accepted application used by millions of people.

There will also be a blogging or textwriting AI tool to take place in the KRYZA Ecosystem.

All of the above mentioned services will be freely usable at the beginning of the launch and shortly after it will be accessible for KRN tokens. These functions are also powering up the utility of KRYZA Network Token.

On the other hand, there will be more additions of AI to the utility of KRX.

AI bots and AI engined analytical platforms will be in the help of KRYZA Exchange, making it the first platform to ever use AI for their trading analytics and their overall trading. Just like the other freshly introduced services, these functions will be free as an introduction campaign and then it will be under the use case of KRX, the native token of KRYZA Exchange.

KRYZA Blockchain

One of the most important plans of all for KRYZA is to launch its own Blockchain. This attribute will allow the project to reach truly great heights and to be considered as a self sustained ecosystem.

All of the previously stated information is the requirement for KRYZA Blockchain to be a totally original blockchain with the use case of every KRYZA application.

Launching this blockchain will introduce a new COIN to the family of KRYZA: KRYZA DIamond – KRD.

This Coin will function as the coin of the blockchain, making it not just a token like the rest, but an original, independent asset of utility.

The KRYZA Blockchain is the ultimate addition to the preparation of the KRYZA Ecosystem but this fact and the fact of KRD do not mean that previous tokens will be useless.

As the change to the blockchain happens, a huge merge of tokens will take place. KRN, KRX and KRS all will be merged into KRYZA Diamond – KRD coin.

Purchasing KRN, KRX and KRS now sort of means the “presale” of KRD as it will be merged into KRD at their current price, making it beneficial to every holder of any KRYZA tokens.

The merge is planned to be held after the next halving of Bitcoin. This action will transform every original KRYZA token to this new coin and that coin, KRD, will hold all the utilities of the original tokens making it standing on many legs, as for use cases.

Once the merge is complete, KRD is instantly gaining the utilities of previous tokens, meaning that it will start to generate huge traffic only by the fact that it takes the places of the KRYZA tokens.

This action is the rarest presale of a coin there ever was and probably that will ever be.

Roadmap, Future Plans

The planned future activities of KRYZA Ecosystem is the following:

  1. KRYZA Ambassador Program – Q2 of 2023

  2. KRYZA Airdrop program 1 – Q2 of 2023

  3. Application of a New Staking System – Q2 of 2023

  4. KRYZA Airdrop program 2 – Q2 of 2023

  5. AI integration to KRYZA Network – Q2 of 2023

  6. ‘BuyBack N Burn’ Program – Q3 of 2023

  7. The Launch of the KRYZA Blockchain – Q2 of 2024

The milestones behind us are not stated in the roadmap, it only focuses on future and upcoming achievements because the KRYZA Ecosystem is always heading forwards and tries to reach greater heights everyday.