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KRYZA Diamond Chain Coin Seed Sale Open to All!

The first phase of the KRYZA Diamond Chain Coin presale has concluded, exclusively allowing participation for holders of old KRS, KRN, and KRX tokens.

As of today, the SEED SALE is open to everyone, not just existing token holders. If you wish to be part of one of the biggest developments, journeys, and innovations of 2024, seize the opportunity now!

Seed sale dates: 18.02.2024 – 25.02.2024
Price: $0.0075 / KRD Coin

You can purchase KRD Coin at, and explore our completed blockchain at

What’s KRYZA Diamond Chain all about?

Here are some key details:

Chain Type: KRYZA Diamond Chain
Chain Name: KRYZA Diamond
Coin Name: KRD
Coin Symbol: 3
Average Block Time: 3 Seconds
Total Supply KRYZA Diamond Chain: 800,000,000 KRD

Celebrating our 3rd anniversary, KRYZA Chain is tailored to match the rapid evolution of the digital landscape.

KRYZA Diamond Coin (KRD) is the backbone of our blockchain, boasting an average block time of just 3 seconds, ensuring swift transactions and invulnerability to 51% attacks.

KRD Presale Details: The presale unfolds in multiple stages, starting with the KRYZA Exchange KRX Public Sale participants, then extending to the wider public. The journey culminates with the listing of KRD on various exchanges.

Features of KRYZA Diamond:

Swift and cost-effective blockchain solution catering to diverse applications like social media platforms, streaming services, and gaming.
Interoperability and security prioritized, facilitating seamless transitions between different networks and ensuring secure exchanges.

Future Developments: Ongoing enhancements to our decentralized and centralized exchange platforms, integration of the KRYZA Network into our social media ecosystem, and more.

Innovative solutions like KRYZA Diamond pave the way for quick, affordable global finance transactions, interoperability among blockchains, fast and secure data transfer in the entertainment industry, tokenization of social media, and the development of decentralized applications (DApps).

KRYZA Diamond relies on a PoA consensus system, supporting short block times and lower fees, along with EVM-compatible smart contracts and protocols.

As we move forward, the KRYZA Diamond network welcomes validator and witness nodes, aiming for decentralization in governance and operations.

Visit our website to fully explore the KRYZA Diamond Chain:

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