Thursday, July 18, 2024

KRX Public Sale

Previously exclusive, KRX token, the native token of KRYZA Exchange, opens up to the public for purchase.

You need to transfer your  USDT, BNB, or ETH coins here on BEP-20 / ERC-20 network.(at least 50usdt worth)
Blank Form (#3)

Those who buy at least min 50usdt worth KRX in this way will save a significant amount on fees, we will cover the costs for them, and most importantly, those participating in the KRX public sale will receive early information about the launch of our KRYZA DIAMOND blockchain and the KRD coin running on it. This gives them a buying advantage, as the KRD private sale prior to the KRD coin initial sale begins among the participants of the KRX public sale. 

The price is the same as on Uniswap.

2. KRX token’s USECASES :
– pay listing fee on KRYZA Exchange
– newly listed tokens must paired with KRX
– stake KRX for reward of listed tokens
– hold KRX and get airdrops

We never initiate contact on our own. Any email we send in response to the KRX Public Sale will be sent from the email address [email protected].

Why is it more advantageous for you this way?

So, summarily, those who purchase this way save a significant amount on fees, we cover the costs for them, and most importantly, participants in the KRX public sale receive early information about the launch of our own blockchain. This provides them with a purchasing advantage, as the initial sale will commence among participants in the public sale. 

1. You don't have to pay expensive Uniswap or other DEX fees

2. We cover the network fees.

3. By subscribing, you gain access to the exclusive KRD token pre-sale option!

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