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KRYZA Diamond Chain Presale Launched: Get Involved and Vote for Listing!

We are excited to announce that the presale for KRYZA Diamond Chain (KRD) has officially begun! To ensure that as many people as possible get to know about our project before the launch, we have listed it on major presale platforms where you can vote for free once every day.


Your support through the KRD Coin is crucial in spreading awareness about the project to a wider audience even before our listing on MEXC, which is vital for all of us. The more people are familiar with the project, the more users and investors it will attract, making listing an essential part of our journey.

We urge you to vote on each of the following links every day until the launch. The list will be updated regularly as we get listed on more platforms, so stay vigilant and don’t miss out on any opportunity:

  1. CoinBoom
  2. CoinCatapult
  3. CoinDiscovery
  4. CoinMoonHunt
  5. CoinSniper
  6. GemFinder
  7. GemsRadar
  8. MoonTok
  9. Top100Token
  10. CoinScope
  11. MyCoinVote

It’s important to note that we NEVER initiate or engage in private conversations to offer deals or incentives. Anyone reaching out to you claiming otherwise is a SCAM. Do not fall for it or send them any funds! For official inquiries and discussions, reach out to us at [email protected].

Let’s make the KRYZA Diamond Chain project known far and wide together. Thank you for your support!

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