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The Potential Pitfalls: Why a Trump Victory Might Not Be Positive for Crypto

Amid speculations that a Trump victory in the 2024 election could favor the crypto industry, a contrary view argues that a friendlier regulatory outlook might not be in the best interest of the crypto space. Here’s an exploration of the potential pitfalls:


  • A recent Politico article suggested that a Trump victory could bring about a favorable regulatory environment for crypto, as opposed to the Biden administration’s more skeptical stance.
  • Proponents argue that a Trump win could lead to policies stripping down regulations, benefiting the crypto industry.

Counterargument: Regulatory Resilience:

  • The article presents a counterargument, suggesting that a friendlier regulatory outlook might not necessarily be beneficial for the crypto space.
  • It contends that the borderless, decentralized, and stateless nature of crypto protocols can only be truly tested and improved through challenges and regulatory pressures.

Missed Opportunities:

  • The past four years are criticized for being a missed opportunity for the crypto industry to demonstrate the resilience, openness, and utilitarian nature of blockchain-based technologies.
  • Instead of developing robust protocols, the industry is accused of failing to address issues adequately, leading to instances of fraud, scams, and technical failures.

Empowering Bad Actors:

  • The counterargument suggests that a change in sentiment indicating a lax regulatory approach could empower bad actors in the crypto space.
  • It raises concerns about potential abuses and misuse of open and permissionless protocols in the absence of effective regulatory oversight.

Need for Regulatory Solutions:

  • While acknowledging that regulatory solutions may not entirely address systemic issues like fraud, the article points out a connection between the proliferation of scams and the capital influx into crypto.
  • A shift in sentiment towards lighter regulation could be seen as implicitly endorsing risky financial products and potentially exposing retail consumers to greater risks.

Political Landscape:

  • The article acknowledges that regulation doesn’t have to be a strictly partisan issue and highlights statements from Republicans, such as Sen. J.D. Vance, emphasizing the importance of consumer protections without hindering industry growth.
  • It also notes the uncertainty of the election cycle and the potential for the continuation of the Biden administration’s regulatory approach.


  • While idealizing a scenario where developers focus on building protocols immune to regulatory pressures, the article expresses concerns about the industry’s compliance with regulatory demands instead of pushing back and innovating in response to challenges.
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