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Ubisoft Halts Twitter Ads Amid Concerns

Ubisoft, the company behind Assassin’s Creed, has decided to halt its advertisements on Twitter, as reported by Axios. This move follows similar actions from major tech and entertainment companies like Apple, IBM, Oracle, Disney, Paramount, Lionsgate, Comcast, NBCU, and Warner Bros. Discovery, who have expressed concerns over the unchecked spread of antisemitic content on the platform. Although Ubisoft hasn’t officially stated its reason for suspending Twitter ads, the trend of large corporations withdrawing their advertising could have played a role in their decision. Decrypt has attempted to contact Ubisoft for a statement but hasn’t received a reply yet.

Ubisoft is introducing Rayman and ‘Captain Laserhawk’ NFT Avatars to The Sandbox.

IBM, in a statement to the Financial Times, emphasized its zero-tolerance policy for hate speech and discrimination, announcing the suspension of its Twitter ads. Forbes reported that advertising executives are calling for Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino, a former NBC employee, to step down amidst the controversy, although Yaccarino has denounced antisemitism and discrimination. In response to accusations that his tweets are deterring advertisers, Musk denied being antisemitic and claimed that “fake advocacy groups” trying to hinder free speech should be wary of karma.

Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, recently agreed with a tweet widely viewed as antisemitic and criticized the Anti-Defamation League, a group combating antisemitism. Media Matters, a U.S. media watchdog, reported that ads from companies like Apple, Bravo, IBM, Oracle, Xfinity, Amazon, and NBC Universal have appeared next to pro-Nazi and white nationalist content on Twitter, alarming numerous tech and entertainment companies and leading them to suspend their ads.

Ubisoft is planning to distribute free Ethereum NFTs for the ‘Champions Tactics’ game.

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